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About PS

PrettySleeps is created by Kahlasia Hatter known as Kahlasia Monae on her Youtube and Instagram platform. Kahlasia was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. She always had a passion for fashion. After getting married and having two sons, Kahlasia begin to experience hair loss, instantly she knew she wanted to create a collection specifically dedicated towards women. Kahlasia decided to go back to school to obtain her Bachelors degree in Psychology studying the human mind and behavior, with this degree she’s been able to help empower women from all over the world, with affirming words and scripture.


With this collection, not only do you get to experience comfortability but most important feeling beautiful at the same time!!! Before the night is over, make sure you take the time to make yourself feel your BEST, even while preparing to rest. For self care not only determines how your treat yourself but also how you care for others. I hope with this line you enjoy being inspired knowing all women matter. So stay tuned and look out for a sneak peak of our collection coming soon🖤
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